“The fastest growing racquet sport in the world and one of the most fun and addictive.”


3 court Padel centre
in Maldon, Essex

PREMIUM court Padel centre
in Brentwood, Essex

From South America, Via Spain & portugal to the uk…

Padel has arrived in Essex!

State of the art, premium glass courts

Go Padel UK – Maldon

Go Padel UK – Brentwood

Attached to the famous Park Drive Squash & Health club, Maldon, Essex.

And at our new venture at Brentwood Hard Court Tennis Club Childerditch Lane, Brentwood.

We look forward to making these the premium Padel Clubs in the UK.

Are you new to the game of Padel?

Padel combines action with fun and sociability.
Padel is not as dominated by strength and serve as often happens in Tennis. Therefore it is a game men, women and youth can all enjoy together.
Points are won by strategy rather than by sheer strength and power, so match-craft and technique are the important skills – and we can teach you!

About Go Padel UK

At Go Padel UK we are the leading UK organisation for developing and enhancing the utilisation of padel clubs.

We have a team of experts with extensive experience in building and developing sports centres worldwide, we have channeled these skills specifically for padel.

Whether you’re a multi-court club or a single court club we can help you achieve your goals.

Do you want your Padel Club to reach the next level?

Get in touch and find out how we can assist in making your club thrive and grow!

Catch the fire…Padel is THE game!

So many reasons!

Let’s go padel!


Fastest growing sport in the world and one of the most fun and addictive.


A brilliant sport for players of all ages, genders and all skill levels.


Excellent for developing hand eye co-ordination and racket skills.


A great and efficient fitness workout suitable for all.


We have one of the largest junior programmes in the U.K.


Coaching available from pro level padel players.


it's exciting, socialable and fun!

Padel Courts In The UK - And growing!

*  Source: LTA

Let’s GO Padel – in spain!

Go padel holidays

Take a trip to sunny Spain for a coaching break!

Excellent accommodation & facilities

Great club, great coaches and great events

Take a trip with us to learn Padel from the best coaches in sunny Spain – the home of Padel.
A great way to take a break and improve your game. Perfect for friends, families and individuals.

what They’re Saying

Padel is making news!

“Padel is one of the fastest emerging racket sports in the world right now, and it’s really exciting to be involved in a sport like Padel…

It’s great for young people to play a variety of sports and Padel is a fast-paced game which is excellent for developing hand eye co-ordination and racket skills.”

Andy Murray

2x Wimbledon Tennis Champion, Game4Padel

“The sport has been stated as the fastest growing in the world and one of the most fun and addictive.

Already popular in many European and Latin American countries, in Spain it is now second only to football in participation numbers, with 6 million players on over 5,500 courts.

The number of courts in the UK has doubled to over 60 in just 18 months but based on the experience of Spain and many other European nations that number is expected to grow expotentially.”

The Scotsman

Newspaper, Wednesday 15 May 2019

Get your passport to
go padel

Go Padel ‘Passport’ holders enjoy discounted booking rates and a whole lot more.

Contact us to find out the range of benefits on offer and about how you can apply for your ‘GoPadelUK Passport‘.

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