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Ariana Sánchez

We are really honoured to speak with Ariana Sánchez, WPT #1 and one of the most explosive players in the world.

You can see why below!

Ariana Sánchez: Some fantastic action from 2020 | World Padel Tour!


Ari, when and where did you learn padel?

I started playing padel when I was 9 years old!

Near my parents’ house there were two Padel courts and I started playing with my father and my older brother. I liked it a lot and I started training! Until then I played soccer.


When did you realise you were going to make it as a professional?

I started competing in national juvenile circuit , I was called up to the national team to play the World championship , we played in Melilla, Buenos Aires and México DF.

In 2013 I played my first WPT championship, I remember it with special affection, I played with Belen Berbel in Valencia and we were about to enter the final table! and until now.


What has been your career highlight so far?

I think is when I won the final of Santander in 2017, this is when I knew I had the chance to make the big time!


What has been you best win?

I have very good memories, but I will always have Santander in my heart, when I won my first WPT final in 2017.

And of course the final Barcelona Master in 2019, it was very exciting to win at home in front of my home crowd.

You can see some video below!


Which is the best place you’ve travelled to play?

It was great to play in Dubai, Sweden, London, Cerdeña and I’m very much looking forward to playing in more countries worldwide as our sport continues to grow.


Will you be coming over to see us at Go Padel UK (covid permitting) for an exhibition match and maybe some training clinics soon?

“Of course, I would be delighted! Whenever you want Rich!

“I can see all the great work you have all been doing for padel in the UK and can’t wait to come and see the Go Padel Clubs. Let’s Go Padel!”


RHS Says:

‘Wow! We were delighted that Ari could spare time for us whilst she was preparing for what will surely be another highly successful year for her.

To make it to world no1 in padel us some achievement and I’m sure she will stay there for years to come.

It goes without saying that when we can Ari will be coming over for some padel clinics and exhibitions at the Go Padel Clubs this year’

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