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We asked Ethan Bardo, one of our top young players , what its been like coming through the junior padel program – and moving into a career with Go Padel UK!

Ethan in full effect! – let’s Go Padel!

padel essex

Ethan Bardo  at Go Padel UK – the fastest growing padel club in the UK.


1) When did you find out about padel? 

I first found out about Padel went on holiday in 2017, when on the way home I looked up ‘Padel courts in Essex’ and funny enough a 3 court centre was being built right on my doorstep.

I couldn’t ask for anything better!

For this reason I am really happy that GoPadel will soon be opening new courts… more people can discover this fantastic game!


2) Has padel changed you, if so how? 

Padel has changed me massively, not only mentally but physically.

The guidance and help from the people down the club has made me into a new person and I’m so thankful for that.

In other sports I was always doubted, clubs were saying that I’m not good enough… but with Go Padel UK that never occurred, and after 2 hard long years, grinding pretty much 4-5 times a week, and here i am sitting in the top 60 in the UK!


3) What’s it like being a young player at Go Padel UK?

Being a young player at Go Padel UK is great!

Rich & Dan provide the best coaching which is informative and very affordable, the junior set up is the N.1 in the UK by far and I’m glad to be a part of that.

Because padel isn’t just all about power like tennis I can compete with anyone at the club. It’s always nice to beat someone double your age too! 🙂


4) What/who is your biggest influence in your young padel career so far

By far I wouldn’t be the player I am today without Rich.

We have worked very closely together for the past 2 years and he has been my role model ever since I met him, his idea and way of thinking is so simple yet so effective and always takes the positives from a situation.

(Rich says: Thank you for that! it means a lot!)


5) Would you recommend other young players to start padel and where?

I would highly recommend Padel to any young person and to try at there local centre.

Padel can be a competitive sport, it always has been, but there’s nothing better then going down to the courts whatever the weather and hitting a few balls with your mates, it’s the best !


6) What does the future hold for you?

I am very happy to say that I  joined the Go Padel UK team in May of 2020,

Ideally I would like to grow my business EB Social Media and follow the guidance from Rich as he had built a Padel business too, the best in the UK!

In addition to this I would like to grind and chip away the errors in my game and go and train with Jorge in Mar De Cristal (Go Padel UK runs awesome trips to Spain) and see how far I get.

I aim to be top 10 in the UK any 2022 and I would also like to try and go pro like fellow member Sam Jones. 

It’s safe to say that without Padel I would be stuck and I’m forever grateful that my first job will be surrounded by the people and that sport that I love most. Padel has given me a sport I will love forever, mates that I never had before and great memories I will never forget, thankyou Go Padel UK…. Big things are coming soon !

padel essex

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