Mens Open: Saturday 26th September 2020

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11am S. Hardman & R. Norman M. Brampton & S. Beaney
11am D. Adcock & D. Hall P. Walsh & P. Jiggins
11am K. Woodgate & B. Welsford S & A Wright

11.30am J. Wong & M. Mahon N. Davis & A. Prudence
11.30am R & F Johnson O. Smith & TBC
11.30am R. Long & J. Dyer R. Ramjane & J. Lee

12pm S. Hardman & R. Norman P. Walsh & P. Jiggins
12pm D. Adcock & D. Hall M. Brampton & S. Beaney
12pm K. Woodgate & B. Welsford Neil & A. Prudence

12.30pm J. Wong & M. Mahon S & A Wright
12.30pm R & F Johnson R. Ramjane & J. Lee
12.30pm R. Long & J. Dyer O. Smith & TBC

1pm S. Hardman & R. Norman D. Adcock & D. Hall
1pm M. Brampton & S. Beaney P. Walsh & P. Jiggins
1pm K. Woodgate & B. Welsford J. Wong & M. Mahon

1.30pm S & A Wright N. Davis & A. Prudence
1.30pm R & F Johnson R. Long & J. Dyer
1.30pm O. Smith & ? R. Ramjane & J. Lee

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2pm E. Bardo & J. Gibbs P. French & J. Stammer
2pm P. Preston & H. Roura Winner C
2pm J. Bewley & H. Jiggins C. Lindsey & P. Spencer

2.30pm M. Glass & K. Champion Winner B
2.30pm E & P Ramsden D. Capper & R. Templeman
2.30pm T. Johnson & S. Hudson Winner A

3pm E. Bardo & J. Gibbs Winner C
3pm P. Preston & H. Roura P. French & J. Stammer
3pm J. Bewley & H. Jiggins Winner B

3.30pm M. Glass & K. Champion C. Lindsey & P. Spencer
3.30pm E & P Ramsden Winner A
3.30pm T. Johnson & S. Hudson D. Capper & R. Templeman

4pm E. Bardo & J. Gibbs P. Preston & H. Roura
4pm P. French & J. Stammer Winner C
4pm J. Bewley & H. Jiggins M. Glass & K. Champion

4.30pm C. Lindsey & P. Spencer Winner B
4.30pm E & P Ramsden T. Johnson & S. Hudson
4.30pm D. Capper & R. Templeman Winner A

5pm Winner GRP D – BEST RUP

5pm Winner GRP E – Winner GRP F

5.30pm FINAL

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