Sponsorship & Partnership opportunities with Go Padel uk

Get involved in the fastest growing sport in the world.

Padel is one of the fastest growing sports in the world with courts and clubs popping up everywhere!

Sponsorship of Go Padel UK events & Players

About our business ‘Go Padel UK’

Go Padel UK was officially launched in May 2019 after rebranding RT Padel LTD.

Go Padel UK boasts a number of branches in the sport of padel:

  •  Owns a 3 outdoor padel club in Maldon, Essex
  • Runs over 40 UK padel events per year
  • Runs events and coaching breaks across Spain
  • Works alongside two major padel brands to sell equipment

Go Padel UK padel Centre

We opened our first UK padel centre in September 2018, after launching our three-court premium club we have had huge success attracting members to the club. After just six months of opening we boast 200 players, this includes 40 junior players (under 16). We are in the process of adding a café/bar to the venue to maximise the customer experience for the events. Our aim is to continue to build and manage successful padel centres across the UK and eventually Europe.

UK Padel events

We are the number one company for running UK events, our events are diverse and combine the social side with the competitive element. We run up to 5 events per month with players from across the UK coming to compete. We want to continue to grow our events, upping the prizes as well as the number of entries in each event.

Overseas Events

We also run several events overseas, these include tournaments and coaching weekends, Go Padel UK have a special relationship with La Manga Club, Murcia, Spain. La Manga club is one of the most prestigious sports venues in Spain and Go Padel UK run closely alongside them to promote and produce many successful padel events each year.

Sports shop

Go Padel UK are officially working alongside two major padel brands to offer a range of clothing and equipment to the members.

In time we would like to develop this concept and offer this service to the growing UK padel market.

Major Events – The Maldon Open July 6-7

We are holding our first major open event which boasts the biggest prize pot for an event in the UK!

Because of the prize money we have been lucky enough to attract some of the top players from across the UK and Europe to come and play.

We have also managed to get players from the ‘WPT’ which is the world padel tour only the elite padel players all over the world take part in this.

Great opportunity!
We are looking for some additional sponsorship for this event

The sponsorship will go towards advertising banners, prize funds and prizes for the event.

This event will be running yearly, and we already have a verbal agreement with the global padel governing FIP who will recognize our event for the 2020 calender.

Sponsorship of our two club ambassadors

We have two club ‘ambassadors’ Sam Jones and Richard Hall-Smith, they are both players and coaches and they are looking for sponsorship to help with their training and travel expenses for events.


Sam Jones

Sam, 19, is based in Barcelona and as a shareholder and director in Go Padel UK he is our hope to be the first British player to make the WPT. Sam is currently ranked number 9 in the UK and number 335 in the world. Sam lives and trains full time in Barcelona which is a hote bed of padel talent, he trains with some of the best padel players in the world. Sam is invited, frequently to some of the top events across the world and with increased funding this will give him more opportunity to reach his potential. Sam is very prominent on social media.

Richard Hall-Smith

Rich, 33, is a real tennis ex number 2 player who is the founder of the padel business, Rich is known throughout the padel community as a very good player and a top-class coach. Having only started playing national events this calendar year Rich has risen to number 24 in the rankings already and is the best in his age group in the UK. Rich has been earmarked to represent Great Britain in the 2020 world championships. Rich plays evetnts across the UK and Europe and we would be looking to upping his participation with extra funding. Rich is
very prominent on social media.

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