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Sam Jones
Rich Hall Smith
Richard Hall-Smith
We are proud to have created this great training format where you get to take to the court paired with either Sam or Rich and enjoy a ‘matchplay’.

“A matchplay is where we are playing points but throughout the game you are getting tips on positioning and shot selection!”

Sam Jones said

‘Training full time in Barcelona with some of the top coaches and players in the world has taught me so much about the game – it’s great to able to come back and share these fantastic training tips with others’

Rich said

(‘These are just so popular but who wouldn’t want to share the court with SJ??? )

We have over 400 Go Padel UK players and they all enjoy the matchplay sessions. You can see why it’s so popular! It’s a really efficient way to train – and fun too. 2 years ago I could keep up with SJ but not anymore!!’

SJ added

‘We are growing so fast at Go Padel UK and I love to see how much everyone has improved each time, they all support me so much in my quest for the WPT – thanks to all the players, members, Go Padel passport holders and crew!’

Book A Matchplay Training Session


We look forward to running these sessions on a Saturday at Maldon.

(Brentwood dates to follow)

Available dates are:

October 3  –  October 10  –  October 24

They run all day and each session is one hour, so why not book a matchplay and follow it up with a game?

To book into this unique style of training contact us!

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