Nikhil joins Go Padel at a very exciting time

Nik is not only an exceptional player but also an exceptional young man and has been a part of Go Padel for a while.

He will already be known to many of you, but he introduces himself below.

“Hi Everybody!

Having first found the sport in my home club David Lloyd Chigwell, I instantly took a liking to the game due the fast paced, action packed nature. I had never had a competitive racket sports background – only playing competitive football until the age of 17.

I played my first padel tournament in 2017 where although I lost first round, I felt I had learnt a lot so wanted to continue to improve my game.

Nikhil Mohindra

“There are many things that I love about the sport of padel including the social aspect where you can meet people from all over the world and you all have Padel in common!

On the other hand you have the amazing and unique characteristics that padel possess such as being able to win the point from outside of the court ! My aspiration for padel is to be able to represent Great Britain at a national tournament, furthermore I would love to be able to play padel in the Olympics, should one day padel be a sport in the most iconic tournament in the world .

“Being part of the largest padel development programme in the U.K. here at Go Padel is great – because not only do I get to help educate the biggest junior academy in the U.K. – I also learn a lot from the highly experienced and established coaches here at Go Padel.”

Boasting a fantastic premium 3 court club in Maldon , it has hosted some of the most sizeable tournaments in recent British padel history .

The next step for me is to continue to improve and compete at the highest level possible, travelling the world in order to compete in national competitions and work my way up the world rankings.

Let’s Go Padel!”

Go Padel Coaches

RHS Says…

‘Nik is an exceptional player and young man and has been a part of Go Padel for a while, he has supported our events, given up his time to play with our members and helping us our frequently.

I am thrilled Nik will be joining our team as we look to expand Go Padel on all fronts!

He will be helping Mauri, Dan and Sam with Hello Padel England.

We will alsobe working on some VERY exciting projects for the growth of UK padel together! Watch this space and check out our sister site GO PADEL CLUB

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