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Go Padel UK at Brentwood Hard Court Tennis Club

Go Padel UK – What can we offer your club? Ask our second centre in Brentwood.

The beginnings

“It is vital in Padel you have the right team in charge to manage your Padel facility.” – Jonathan Joyce

We are very proud of the job we are doing at Brentwood and plans are already in place to expand the facility, we caught up with Committee member Jonathan Joyce to give some insight on Brentwood Hard tennis club and the impact of Go Padel UK on their padel facility.

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The future is bright – let’s Go Padel!


What’s the history of the Brentwood Hard Tennis Club?

Brentwood Hard Court Tennis Club is one of the longest established tennis clubs in the area. We have been around since 1922! We have seen a lot of development since those times.

The club was established in 1922 as ‘Warley Tennis Club’ and was based at a site near Warley Road. It remained there up until 1929 when the club moved to courts in Headley Chase. It remained as ‘Warley Tennis Club’ until 1939, when having previously rented the site, it then purchased the land and became ‘Brentwood Hard Court Club’. 

In 1976 the club moved to its present location at Childerditch and became increasingly involved in promoting tennis in Essex – and it has continued to thrive and grow to this day.

In 2000 the club recognised that it had outgrown these original facilities and made a successful application to The LTA/Sport England for a loan/grant to add three additional courts – two artificial grass and one hard court and a substantial sized new clubhouse.


How long have you had the padel tennis and what impact has it had?

The padel tennis court has been in situ for about 18 months now. It has made a bit of an impact but, to be honest, until recently, not as much as we would have liked!

We have since seen this was due the fact that it was not advertised or promoted well enough when it was first installed, and, quite frankly, we didn’t have the right team in charge of running the club and promoting padel as a fantastic sport.


And thats when Go Padel UK joined forces with you!

How would you class your relationship with Go Padel UK and what impact have they had?

Go Padel are making a great difference to the club due to the professionalism and enthusiasm that you and your
team have brought to the club! it’s been a breath of fresh air!

Previously there was a lot of negativity surrounding the club. We were feeling a little dispirited.

Things have certainly got a lot better now!

Communication between yourself and the committee have been very good and you are very approachable. It has also been inspiring the way that you have worked tirelessly to promote padel at the club. Thank you.


Do you feel tennis players enjoy the padel?

Our tennis players love their own game! The tennis fraternity are set in their ways and do not like change – but I am feeling positive and think that over time, more and more members will come onboard with the concept.  Across the world more and more tennis players, of every level, are giving padel a try – famously including our Wimbledon champion Andy Murrey! Of course, another thing that has held them back is the fact that they have to pay extra to book the court which does not sit well with them!


Could you see Brentwood wanting more padel one day? What does the future hold for BHTC?

Yes! In the future I do feel that once padel is on the map and more and people know that it is there it would be become very successful. The signs are all there…

Once the lockdown is over and life returns to some sort of normal people will want to get fit, meet up and enjoy their favourite games, be that padel or tennis!

We look forward to welcoming back our players, both old and new.

Here’s to the next 100 years of BHTC!

Final word from Rich – Founder of GoPadelUK

‘It’s been a great expansion for Go Padel UK into Brentwood, we are fortunate to have been supported brilliantly by the committee.

Padel is a great sport and a huge asset to any club – however having the right management team is vital. 

We are the only company bringing the community into UK Padel clubs and making padel FOR ALL. If you’re interested into turning your venue into a go padel venue, get in touch!’

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