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Paula Eyheraguibel – Becoming Number 1 in the world


Hi Paula – good speaking to you!
When did you start Padel?

I started playing Padel when I was 16. My father was going to play a match and his partner didn’t show up, so I played with him. Then a schoolmate told me about a championship and we decided to take part.

We lost all the matches 6/0 6/0! – so I decided to get better and better to win championships and, in 3 years, we went up from beginner to the top category.


When did you realise you were going to make it as a professional?

My partner and I played championships in our city and we started winning every weekend. For that reason, the federation let us play in the men category. Then we played federation championships around Argentina.

One day, we decided to play on a professional circuit for the first time and we lost 6/3 6/3 against the second best couple at that moment, so we felt not so far from their level… from that moment on, I’ve never stopped training and trying to become a better player.


You are – without doubt – one of the best female players in history, what is your career highlight?

My main achievement during my career was to have won eight World Cups, five of them with the Argentinian team and the others with my partners Carolina Navarro, Iciar Montes and Silvana Campus.

I have also won the silver Olympia as the best padel player in 2010 (competing against Belasteguín, the best player of the world).

Paula Eyheraguibel – Becoming Number 1 in the world

At this point in your career what are your new goals?

My new goals are to be a great coach and to transmit everything I have learned in these 30 years of professional career to all my students; not only the technical and tactical part, but also all the challenges that come up during a competition and training.

I would also like to help padel to grow in different countries around the world in the right way.
(***Us too! Go Padel Club)

I’m currently the sports director of the Club Esportiu Valldoreix, where there are 15 competition teams, kids school and competition school. I really enjoy my job.


You are Sams* main coach, what does the future hold for him?

*Sam Jones – Go Padel UK pro player.

Sam is a player who is almost perfect technically.

He trains every day, both workout and padel, giving his best. We must continue working on the tactical and emotion management parts to continue building a BIG player!


We want to see you soon at Go Padel UK! –  will you come for a visit?

I would love to be able to come to Go Padel UK – Essex and would really enjoy playing and teaching at Go Padel!

I’m really excited and looking forward, after this situation is over, to be able to share my experience with all the players in Essex! Let’s go padel!

RHS Says:

“Having had coaching from Paula before and seeing what a superb job she has done with Sam Jones its clear she is one of the top coaches in the world.

When you listen to Paulas story and her rise to the top and her cruel luck with injuries she is an inspiration to us all and true padel royalty.

The plan is to get Paula to the UK for some coaching clinics in what we promise will be something very special for our players’’

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