Go padel Foundation. Sport for all!

The Go Padel Foundation is a not for profit social enterprise.

It has been established to use the emotive power of Padel tennis to improve the health and wellbeing of individuals and to bring communities together.

The Foundation will work in partnership with other public, private and charitable organisations to deliver an inclusive * and accessible range of sporting opportunities that will encourage regular exercise and boost mental health for all.

In the first three years of its community engagement programme, the Foundation will address four key areas of activity – Health, Education, Social inclusion and Padel participation.

What does the Foundation do?

We are working with local authorities raising money to offer free padel classes and mentoring to those most in need! We are looking at all areas of the community whether it be those of all ages struggling with:

  1. Obesity.
  2. Social Inclusion.
  3. Poverty.
  4. Disabilities.
  5. Mental Health conditions.

The Go Padel Foundation is here for you, we will be running special free programmes for all demographics to show how much the sport of padel can do for your mental and physical health.

So whether its free classes, free equipment or free coaching we look forward to targeting those most in need within our community.

Using sport and in particular Padel Tennis to engage participants, there will be a focus for each element:

  • Health – improving the health and mental wellbeing of everyone
  • Education – helping everyone to achieve their full potential
  • Social inclusion – building stronger and safer communities
  • Padel participation – encouraging more people to participate in sport.
  • A small team of activators will work with health providers, schools and others, including the LTA and other governing bodies, to offer targeted activities that are accessible to some of the most vulnerable children, young people and adults in our neighbourhoods.

Our goal is that within the first three years of operation, over 100 participants will have benefitted from the work of The Go Padel Foundation. Also there will be significant evidence of a positive impact on the wellbeing of many individuals and of raising aspirations and achievement in those located in some of our most marginalised communities.

Mike Springett, Chairman of the Foundation says…

‘Having spent a lifetime of teaching, playing and enjoying many sports, I have been thrilled over the last three years to watch the birth and the growth of the Go Padel Club, right here in my home town of Maldon.

The game and the atmosphere created at the Park Drive site are truly contagious and it is no wonder that Padel tennis is the fastest growing sport in the country.

Now I will have the privilege, as Chair of the Go Padel Foundation CIC, to work with Richard and his Go Padel team and to promote the emotive power of Padel and to engage with our local community in an all inclusive environment, as we open more venues across the county and beyond.

Having had experience as both the Chair of the Colchester United Community Sports Trust and more recently Heybridge Swifts FC, I have seen how sport can bring fun and happiness into people’s lives at all levels of performance, whilst boosting their physical and mental wellbeing.

Go Padel UK has a glowing future and alongside it the Go Padel Foundation will be working as one to bring the maximum benefit to all who are touched by this addictive sport.

Please watch out for our programmes and help us make a difference.”

‘This is an initiative that Mike and I have been working on for nearly a year now. The growth of Go Padel UK has been huge and this charitable foundation will be a vital aspect of our work.

We intend to bring Padel to ALL areas of the community and in time we will be recruiting volunteers to be part of the foundation board to help us on our journey.’

Rich Hall Smith

CEO, Go Padel Foundation

Padel for everyone

* The Go Padel Foundation aims to make sure that everyone has a chance to be involved in Padel tennis, regardless of age, gender, gender reassignment, sexual orientation, mental status, race, nationality, ethnic origin, colour, religion or belief, ability or disability.

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