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We are thrilled to bring you another fantastic partnership that we believe will not only benefit all the Go Padel UK players and clubs but also the whole padel community in the UK too.

This partnership confirms the creation of Hello Padel England to go alongside the highly successful coaching academies in Belgium, Holland and Spain

 To be a part of this global project is a huge honour for us!

Go Padel Garden padel Mauri Andrini

Mauri Andrinihead coach of team GB and the founder and owner of the largest international padel academy in the world.

How will it work?

Anyone who knows anything about padel knows Mauri Andrini!

Professional player, ex junior world number 1, head coach of team GB and the founder and owner of the largest international padel academy in the world.

“With GoPadel having ownership of HelloPadelEngland, this gives us a unique possibility to give our coaches training simply not available anywhere else in the world.


This in turn gives the players at our clubs the chance to gain improved coaching and a better on court experience.”

We will be welcoming Mauri over to Essex twice a year to run, coaching for any coaches looking to improve their skills, coaching programmes for Go Padel members and players and assistance with our junior academies.

A very exciting time for everyone at Go Padel and for all padel players across the UK!

Dan Troy – Head of coach development at Go Padel UK

Sam Jones – International pro padel player

This programme will be headed by Go Padels head of coach development Daniel Troy and assisted by Sam Jones!

Dan is an exceptional coach, and this will not only develop our coaching programmes and academies for Go Padel, this will also improve his coaching and take him to a #differentlevel!

We have full confidence in Dan and Sam to take this project and develop something Go Padel and the UK padel community can be proud of.

This will be an invaluable tool for everyone in the UK looking to play or coach padel.

Rich Hall Smith

Richard Hall Smith Says...

‘’ We are so proud to be chosen as a suitable organisation to run such a prestigious international brand, this is invaluable for our current coaches, future coaches, current players and all our future players and our clubs we look to build in or pipeline.

Mauri and Dana have set something very special up and we are delighted to be a part of the journey and will do all in our power to make it a success. The UK has a droubt in coaches and especially coaches that know and understand ‘pure padel’ so to have Mauri ‘The Master’ as part of team is like signing Messi! I like you all can’t wait to get on court with him it wil be #differentlevel’’.


Mauri Andrini Says...

‘“Our academies are a true reflection of our passion and professionalism, this made us grow and consolidate our business.

We support each other and share expertise to improve our unique method of teaching day by day. 

We believe that more is more: more countries, more international exposure, more intercultural exchange; everything collaborates to improve and develop HPA globally.¨

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